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Roof Definitions

Roof Types




Gutter Apron -When shingles are hanging over gutter board less than 1" or if the shingle ends are split or cracked, Absolute Roofing recommends that a gutter apron be installed to insure the rain gets into the gutter.


Drip Edge - The drip edge directs runoff water away from the fascia.  The drip edge is installed under the roofing felt on the bottom edge of the roof and over the roofing felt on the gable ends.  The drip edge helps in avoiding problems such as ice damming.


Starter Strip - A specially made shingle that goes beneath the first course of shingles.  They help protect your home from wind uplift by sealing it securely to the perimeter of the roof.

Ice and Water Shield - This is a waterproofing underlayment installed directly beneath the shingles.  It is a self-adhesive membrane installed on the eaves and valleys of re-roofing projects along with new construction.

Felt - Acts as a waterproof barrier between the sheathing and the shingles.  It helps prevent wind and rain from getting underneath your shingles and causing leaks.



These are the products we have been using on the different types of roofing services we provide.  Constant communication with these manufacture’s constantly upgrading their roofing products helps to keep our company ahead of the competition.  There are many different types of roofing products, the type of roof you have will determine what type of material is used to keep the elements out.




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